All About The Nicad Batteries

All About The Nicad Batteries

The Nicad Batteries are also referred as nickel-cadium battery. They are popular because they tend to last longer than lead acid batteries. They are used in various applications including laptops, smartphones and many others. They keep charge for hours or days depending on the capacity of the battery. They are rechargeable, but with time they need to be reconditioned or replaced as they lose their ability to store power.

The batteries are made of cadmium cathode laid with the nickel oxy-hydroxide anode in layers. There is some fluid between the layers and it is the catalyst for the anode and cathode. The chemical reaction that takes results to electrical charge and if you are not careful, it may result to over charge too. What people do not know is that too much charge is not good for the battery. It ends up affecting its performance.

If a battery is full of charge and not disconnected from the power plug, the oxy-hydroxide changes from electricity into gas, free electrons and water. The gas and water become excess and vented battery reconditioning out, which leads to reduction of the battery fluid that activates reaction to produce electricity. This reduces the ability of the battery and you do not get power in full capacity.

As mentioned above, formation of the cadmium crystals causes the memory effect. To prevent this, discharge the battery fully and then charge it fully. Reconditioning the batteries brings them back to life and makes then function like they used to. A battery though to be useless works very well and you do not have to buy a new one.

Though some people are skeptical about battery reconditioning, you need to know that it’s trusted process that will rejuvenate how to recondition batteries at home your battery. It is safe and as long as its done by someone with skills on how to recondition Nicad batteries.