A Simple Guide To Homescapes

A Simple Guide to Homescapes

Homescapes is an online game which was released by the company named Playrix Games. This game is available on almost all the IOS platforms as well as Android and can be downloaded absolutely for free. An extensive range of devices supports this game because of its somewhat average level of graphics along with bringing in more depth to the storyline of the gameplay. A number of cheats and hacks are there to get through the levels faster by earning bonuses and rewards. But at first, the player needs to know in details about the gameplay and act accordingly.
Here are few of the steps that a beginner can follow homescapes hack for getting hooked into the game faster:
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• A dream home is to be created
The game starts with a view of your home where memories of you along with your parents are saved. But since you created it, nothing has changed, and everything is same. You need to bring back those happy memories to make it better and relive them once again. But there is a great problem; all the items have now become nonusable and needs a replacement immediately. Therefore, the initial mission is to get the old carpet replaced with a newer one which would change the look and style of the house. Homescapes cheats are to be used when it comes to the expenses of changing this carpet and many other activities.
• Choosing between two options of Login
The opening scene will provide you with two options; either get your hands on the game directly or get the game connected to your Facebook account. The facebook linking option tends to offer safer spot so as to keep your progression data as well retrieving it anytime from the connected device. Saving the progress data files directly into some device encourages a loss risk. Therefore, it is advisable to follow some tips on the games so as to know which would be beneficial for you.
• Gathering thrilling experience each day
Each day is considered as a new sequence of this gameplay. So each day comes with different missions that the player needs to accomplish by making it more effective with all the thrilling and adventurous experience. Sometimes it becomes difficult to complete the missions under no definite sequence just to make faster progression. Homescapes hacks, in such case, can help you in overcoming or not at all facing such obstructions.
• Creating Power-Ups by using some special techniques
Power-ups are to be created by getting 4 items matched together. These can be activated with a double tap on them. The lowest power-ups have the ability to get an entire column or row destroyed. Therefore, power-ups are essential for getting through the various stages of a level for a faster move.
These are, therefore, some of the basic steps to be followed in order to get into the depth of the gameplay. A quick guide can help the beginners to understand the gameplay and thus master at it. Homescape cheats and hacks can help you greatly to finish the levels faster with smart and intelligent moves, thereby earning a number of bonuses and reward points.