Starting Off In Growtopia

Starting Off In Growtopia

The following guide is an ideal one for new players who have decided to play Growtopia. As a gems guide beginner, the following information will provide you with the tips to help you get started

Splicing in Growtopia

This is also referred to as “crafting” of Growtopia. The creation of new block will need a player to splice two types of seeds together with a new tree. This can be done by planting one seed and using the other seed on the growing sapling. If the two types of seeds can be spliced together, the tree will then change, and you will be informed of success. If they cannot be spliced, you will be informed and the second seed will be returned unused.

The items and seeds can be placed into the tier. The tier an item will be in will be decided on the types of seeds needed to create it. For example, the bricks belong to tier 3 because they need grass and a tier 2 item to be created.
An important thing for a beginner is trying to get the basic splicing kit, which will cost 200 gems. This kit is an ideal one. It comes with twenty seeds: 10 random rarity seed and ten rock seeds. As a new player, the rock seeds might be successful, since the initial step of accumulating them Is not easy. If unable to buy the kit, it is recommended that you try and farm rock seeds to improve your stock.

Locks growtopia

In Growtopia, locks are not that hard to understand. When a player uses a lock, it means that they are the only ones who can manipulate the space where the lock/protection is situated unless they specify otherwise. On a normal basis, locks are used to protect a space expanding outward from their info about growtopia position. However, the area or space under protection can be altered using the “ignore empty air” option. There are different types of locks that one can choose from. The various types of locks allocate a different amount of spaces. One will need gems to purchase the locks from the store.
These are just a few important basics that will help any new player to Growtopia.

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