Essential Tips For Newbies To Play Pixel Gun 3D

Essential Tips For Newbies To Play Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D is one of the most amazing mobile game which you can play on multiplayer mode with anyone around this world. This game requires some techniques to be played. Once you become the master of the game, you will come up with more advanced strategies. But, for a newbie, there are always new challenges which make the game a bit difficult for them. But, once you use simple tips and tricks, you can be a tough competition in the game. And while talking about gaming tips, you should go for Pixel Gun hack that will secure your good score and your stay in the game.
Tips for Weapons
When you start playing the game for the first time, you will get free weapons which include Simple Machine Gun, Pixel Gun, Simple Shotgun, Sniper Rifle and Combat knife. Once you finish the tutorial after entering into the game world, you will be awarded all these weapons along with the Light Wooden Armor. You will also get Simple Flamethrower, and Signal Pistol as those are free, but you can only get those after crossing level 2. Here are some special tips to avoid ‘death’ and play the game further-
* No matter whatever weapon you use, you should never stand still at any location and fire randomly. Static position increases the chance of being hit easily and gets huge damage. You can be killed too.
* Whatever weapon you use, you focus should always be to take a headshot. It does more damage than you can imagine. Pixel Gun 3D is a game of technic and strategy, so you need special skills to handle every weapon.
* Each weapon is different than the other, and you need to know the using style of each of them. Are you using a simple machine gun? Then you should aim minutely from low to medium range and fire carefully. You won’t have any second chance.

* Never use the simple shotgun from longer range while playing multiplayer Pixel Gun 3d Cheats mode. It takes much time to reload and not even do serious damage.
* Whenever you find it difficult to kill, use your pixel gun as it has good mobility, attacking speed, accuracy and short time reload.
* Try not to use Combat Knife until it is a knife party or you are close pixel gun 3d enough to your enemy. While using, try to hit the head harshly.
* While you are fighting a close combat, the best weapon you can use is the Simple Flamethrower. Due to its burning effect, you Pixel Gun Guide can easily kill your enemies. But, remember; never use this weapon on a player with good skill, armor, and stronger weapons.
* If you are dealing with Sniper Rifle, don’t fight from close range as your aim and sensitivity can be dull by this. You should only use the opportunity of using it while attacking your enemies from quite a long distance.
* Never use Single Pistol at long range as the bullets take much time to travel. Try to use it from as close range as possible and try not to miss the hit.
Here you know about using the weapons while playing Pixel Gun 3D. Start playing and you will definitely enjoy it.

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